Mystery – House of Harwood

House of HarwoodHouse of Harwood
By Olivia Batker Pritzker
Publisher: Serealities Press
Published: December 2014
ISBN: 978-0692268155
Pages: 74
Genre: Mystery

On the fourth Thursday of November, without fail, families across the United States gather for Thanksgiving. Attendance is mandatory, whether or not you want to be there.

Thanksgiving at the Harwood residence looks like a happy affair, all overseen by the sharp eyes of Granny Harwood. To an outsider, the wealthy Harwood family is a tight-knit group with few disputes and a strong commitment to family. Nothing could spoil this special time.

Nothing, that is, except for Uncle Victor dropping dead at the dinner table.

When it becomes clear that Victor has been poisoned, old wounds and grudges threaten to tear the Harwoods apart.

So who killed Uncle Victor? Was it John James, who has never thought much of his sister Victoria’s husband? Could it be Victoria, who suspects her husband once had an affair with her brother’s long-dead wife? Or perhaps Granny, who would do anything to protect the Harwood family legacy?

A satiric examination of family dynamics, House of Harwood strips away one family’s carefully constructed image, revealing the deception, anger, and resentment bubbling just beneath the veneer of normalcy.

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