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Undead ObsessedUndead Obsessed: Finding Meaning in Zombies
By Jessica Robinson
Publisher: Booktrope
Published: October 2014
ISBN: 978-1620155929
Genre: Non-Fiction, Pop-Culture, Folklore/Myth
Formats Available For Review: pdf, epub, ebook, mobi, kindle

Jessica Robinson’s obsession with zombie films started when she was in junior high. Horror films are a great lens to examine concerns society has about modern science. Let’s face it, when it comes to horror movies, science has a bad reputation. Blind ambition, experimental serums, and genetic experiments are often blamed for the giant monster terrorizing the city or the reason aliens are taking human prisoners or the cause of the dead rising from the grave to consume living flesh.

Using film, literature, and interviews with experts, Robinson examines how zombies portray real-world fears such as epidemics, mind control, what may or may not exist in space, the repercussions of playing God, and the science behind the fears. Robinson’s goal is to explore how zombies become a metaphor for our fears of science and what could happen if science gets out of hand.

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