Family Drama/Saga – Heart of Palms

Heart of PalmsHeart of Palms
By Holly L. Aasen
Publisher: Serealities Press
Published: December 2014
ISBN: 978-0692281802
Pages: 74
Genre: Family Drama, Saga,

Long-buried secrets surface as families are torn apart in Holly Lynne Aasen’s tightly written emotional drama, Heart of Palms.

Cole Wells and his father, Jack, have been on their own since Cole’s mother died thirteen years before. Now the twenty-three-year-old is lying in a coma after recently being acquitted of drug trafficking charges. Questions hang over his hospital bed, including the depth of his involvement in the drug ring and who wants him dead…questions that Jack will stop at nothing to answer.

Meanwhile, the Stanton family faces its own crises. Ella, a brain surgeon, attempts to coax Cole out of his coma, while her sister, Bella, stands on the brink of stardom. Their parents, on the other hand, are barely holding it together as they balance a wildly successful business with a deeply troubling psychological disorder.

As these two families intersect, they discover that all is not as it seems—a long-standing deception has unwittingly shaped their destinies for better or for worse. While attempting to unravel the lies, they come across strange characters whose motivations remain unclear…including a member of a religious cult whose thirst for chaos threatens them all.

Can these two families possibly reach a good end?

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Heart of Palms was one of their Serealities, and the author has now written this prequel novella.