Contemporary Women’s Fiction For Review

Losing Plum BlossomLosing Plum Blossom
By Eleanor Morris Wu
ISBN: 978-1468055436
Genre: Contemporary Women’s Fiction
Formats Available For Review: print (limited quantities, only available to qualified reviewers/bloggers), ebook

In the early ’90′s Clarissa Carleton, a former debutant from Indiana and a Vietnam war widow, begins a long stay in Taiwan to be near the last place her pilot husband, Roger, was deployed before being shot down over Cambodia during the Vietnam war. Still brooding over Roger, lonely and melancholy, Clariss finds herself irresistibly attracted to Ahmed. the young charismatic doctor who is treating her for her back ailment.However Ahmed,born when the Japanese still ruled Taiwan,the son of a Taiwanese peasant woman and a Japanese General ,was twas brutally raped by Chinese soldiers when they took back the island at the end of the war,, and he was unable to relate to women.In an epic story of unrequited love set against a vibrant expat community, Clarissa comes into the care of a glamorous but misogynist American intelligent agent living in Taiwan, Nathan. In the end Ahmed’s pathology versus Nathan’s misogyny leave her only a ‘Sophie’s choice with which to rebuild her life in Asia.

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