True Crime Memoir For Review

Arizona DreamArizona Dream: A true story of a real-life “Ocean’s Eleven”
By Adnan Alisic
Publisher: AA Publishing
Published: September 2014
ISBN: 978-0615787459
Genre: True Crime Memoir
Formats Availabel For Review: epub, pdf, mobi, kindle

If you had lost everything, and you had one chance to get it all back, would you take that chance?

Haunted by the demons from his past, Adnan Alisic escapes Bosnia and comes to Phoenix, Arizona, where he starts a new life. Fueled by ambition on and drive, he starts a successful car dealership, settles down, and lives the American Dream.

Tortured by his past, he seeks relief in gambling and loses everything. After being tossed out of the casino, Adnan vows to get back at them.

Forced by the gambling debt and driven by the revenge against the casino, he plans an elaborate casino heist. After discovering the tunnel running under the casino, he devises an intricate scheme to get his money back and pay off the debt.

From ethnic cleansing and mass killings in Bosnia, to gambling and underground tunnels in Arizona, you will read Arizona Dream until l the last page where you’ll find the real reason and motivation behind the heist.

“A riveting read from beginning to end, “Arizona Dream” is an expertly written, true-life tale that reads like a thriller novel, documenting author Adnan Alisic as an extraordinary storyteller. This is the stuff from which Hollywood blockbuster movies are made.” — Midwest Book Review

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