Fantasy – Revelations

The Prophecy of Kalodorim, Book One
By Misty D. Billman
Publisher: Short Stuff Publishing
ISBN: 978-098993640
Pages: 350
Genre: Fantasy

The Fate of two worlds depends on one Elf surviving High School.

Melany’s brothers make her life miserable. Her only escape from their constant loudness and obnoxious behavior is her backyard. But the privacy of her sanctuary is shattered when she finds Aratlond lying there unconscious. He claims to be an Elf from another land, but he has no clue how he got to Colorado, or how to get home. Before long, Melany, her friend Megan, and her bratty little brother Chance are swept up into an adventure they never expected. They must show Aratlond how to navigate high school, a battle field completely foreign to the Elf warrior, while finding a way to send him home.

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