Action Spy Thriller – Castle on the Island

Action Spy Thriller – Castle on the Island
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Genres: Action Thriller, Action/Adventure, Spy Thriller, Thriller
Publication Year: 2015
Length: 370 pages
ISBN: 9781631022302
A Castle, Some Ghosts, Some Spies and Two Best Friends
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About the Book

Castle on the IslandCastle on the Island
A Castle, Some Ghosts, Some Spies and Two Best Friends
By T.D. Cochran
Published: July 2015
ISBN: 978-1631022302
Pages: 370
Genre: Action/Adventure Thriller, Spy Thriller

Generations of kids from the small town of Stormness on a north Scottish Island knew the old castle was haunted. But best friends Léa and Tara didn’t believe in ghosts. When it was Léa’s turn to spend the night in the old castle, she didn’t find ghosts, She found a nest of spies who’d been there since the Cold War. After enduring a grueling and sadistic initiation test, Léa and her friends get a major shock as they are welcomed into the The Castle by Tara.

The next day begins with a welcome to a spy school that more resembled a high tech concert. Just as soon as Spy School starts, Léa is reunited with her best friend Tara and they’re sent to hunt down a traitor who’s hacked the castles entire computer system. After a brief stop in Paris, Léa and Tara end up in Uppsala where their target is waiting for them and kidnaps Tara. After a single deadly shot from Léa’s gun, the pair are chased through the narrow Uppsala streets on bicycles only to find themselves on a runaway train hurdling toward a final, fiery crash.

CONTENT DISCLOSURE: Contains strong language, violence and some mature themes. May not be appropriate for all readers. Reader discretion advised.

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Castle on the Island AuthorAbout the Author:
T.D. Cochran is a weather enthusiast who spends some time on television in the Northwest U.S.. When he’s not on TV he enjoys cameras, bikes, boats and writing novels. Castle on the Island is his first novel and is the first book in The Castle ebook series. The second book, Castle on the Mountain is currently scheduled to be released during the summer of 2016.

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