Psychological Thriller/Mystery – The Mercy

Psychological Thriller/Mystery – The Mercy
Publication Year: 2015
ISBN: 9780692492123
A psychologist reeling from the suicide of her stepdaughter heads to Mexico City to find the killer of her best friend.
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About the Book

The MercyThe Mercy
By Barbara DeShong
Published: August 2015
ISBN: 978-0692492123
Pages: 316
Genre: Psychological Thriller, Mystery

Suicide doesn’t happen in good families. Never when both parents are mental health professionals. But it did. Convinced the suicide was her fault, psychologist Jessica LeFave is immobilized with guilt. And now her best friend, the one who asked to speak with her last night and Jessica put off, is found murdered, her body on an altar to Santa Muerte. While the police insist her death is one more drug-trafficking casualty, Jessica believes the murder is connected to Camilla’s emotional instability or her work with child prostitutes in Mexico City’s infamous La Merced. She collects her off-the-bubble sidekick lawyer and heads over the border where she teams up with the gorgeous and exciting dedicated ‘revolutionary’ she met on her friend’s wedding weekend. Jessica has no idea that her search will reveal a shocking secret and mark her for death.

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The Mercy AuthorAbout the Author:
Barbara DeShong, Ph.D. is a psychologist in private practice in Austin, Texas. She lives with her psychologist husband and a couple of dogs who, every morning, persuade her to ignore the pains of a colorful list of disorders and claim the new day.  Barbara writes mysteries for the same reasons she chose psychology. She loves stories and is constitutionally unable to stay out of other people’s business.   Online, Dr. DeShong is known online as MysteryShrink—A Psychologist on the Loose. is her ‘pay it forward’ on what works and what doesn’t work in psychology with a humorous slant.  “If you don’t take life seriously, it isn’t worth living.  If you only take life seriously, it isn’t worth living.”

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