YA Romantic Mystery – A Cold Case

YA Romantic Mystery – A Cold Case
Genres: YA Mystery, YA Romance, Young Adult
Publisher: Limitless Publishing
Publication Year: 2015
ASIN: B0157LPB82
ISBN: 9781680582819
5 years ago two high school girls disappeared without a trace and the mystery has never been solved. After stumbling onto new evidence, high school senior Jake Weathers is determined to solve the oldest cold case in Massachusetts, if only he can survive with the distracting girl who insists on helping him.
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About the Book

A Cold CaseA Cold Case
By K.D. Van Brunt
Publisher: Limitless Publishing
Published: September 2015
ISBN: 978-1680582819 (print)
ISBN: 978-1680582802 (ebook)
ASIN: B0157LPB82
Pages: 591
Genre: YA Romantic Mystery

In 1985, high school senior Jake Weathers stumbles upon a clue to a decades-old mystery…

The day after their graduation in 1961, Kate Delisle and Trish Hawthorne left Weston, Massachusettts and were never seen again. When he discovers a note Trish wrote to Kate the day before their disappearance, Jake decides it’s his destiny to solve the oldest cold case in the state. He’s fascinated by the story, because sometimes he wants to disappear too, and leave his father in the rear view mirror.

Jake needs help in his investigation, and reluctantly turns to the annoying and spoiled Julie St. Hilaire…

Julie would have been Trish’s niece and has the inside track to information about the reclusive, wealthy Hawthorne family. As they chase down leads, the personality clash between Jake and Julie simmers down, and Jake finds it impossible to ignore the growing attraction between them.

Jake and Julie find more than they bargained for…

Jake suspects Kate and Trish had been living a lie and hiding dangerous secrets. As the mystery unravels, he and Julie start to dread what they might discover about the fate of the missing girls.

Some cold cases should not be solved…

This could be one of them.

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Win the Rings AuthorAbout the Author:
“Kirk “K.D.” Van Brunt lives and works in Rockville, Maryland, where his day job is lawyering. Kirk is the author of the acclaimed book, Win the Rings, and its sequel, Dance of the Pink Mist.



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