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Woody Allen Reel to RealWoody Allen: Reel to Real
By Alex Sheremet
Publisher: Take2 Publishing
ISBN (Mobi) – 9780991588725
ISBN (Epub) – 9780991588732
Published: November 2014
Genre: Pop Culture / Cinema / Scholarly Reference
Formats Available For Review: PDF, Epub, Mobi, Kindle

“Woody Allen: Reel To Real” is the most comprehensive discussion of Woody’s film art to date, covering everything he’s ever written, directed, or otherwise acted in. It also responds to five decades of Woody-related criticism — both in print and online — before turning the tables on the director, himself, to dissect his opinions on art, life, and philosophy, and what they mean for his films.

Hailed as a “seminal” and “revolutionary” work (Dan Schneider, Cosmoetica), “one of the most significant pieces of film archaeology you could come across” (Dan Slevin, FishHead Magazine), and “the most far-reaching analysis of Woody Allen’s career so far” (John Greco, Twenty-Four Frames), it will be updated once a year with new essays, articles, and reviews. These updates will sync automatically with all purchased copies.

Alex Sheremet is a poet, critic, and novelist from Belarus. He graduated Valedictorian from the Macaulay Honors College in NYC. “Woody Allen: Reel To Real” is his first book-length publication.

Take2 Publishing is an independent digital publisher focusing on all things cinema.

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Number One Songs – The First Twenty Years

Number One Songs – The First Twenty Years
By Larry Irons
Publisher: Black Hills Publishing
Published: November 2014
ISBN: 978-0990763604
Pages: 218
Genre: Entertainment, poetry, history, music, trivia

Number One Songs – The First Twenty Years – 1956 – 1975 by Larry Irons is a unique look at all the songs that reached the number one position on the Billboard charts between 1956 and 1975. What makes this book so unique, is that it is written in poem form, and is a personal, informative, historical and at times humorous look at the 436 songs, in order, by year, that made it to number one in Billboard during rock and roll’s formative years.

It begins in 1956 when Billboard still used a three chart system: Most Songs Sold In Stores; Most Airplay; and Most Played On Jukeboxes. In November of that year it evolved into the Top 100, and from there to what we still know today: The Hot 100. This chart was made up of songs from many genres, including jazz, soul, R&B, blues, gospel, standards, rock and roll and country. The radio format known as Top 40, was simply the 40 songs from number 1 to number 40 on this chart.

From the first number one song in 1956, “Memories Are Made Of This”, by Dean Martin, to 1975′s “Let’s Do It Again” by The Staple Singers, Number One Songs – The First Twenty Years is an entertaining, memory evoking journey through the greatest hits of all time.

The book has been endorsed by many in both radio and record promotion, including Steve Resnik, Co-Founder of RAMP (a daily newsletter for Radio And Music Professionals); Dave Sholin, former Top 40 editor of the Gavin Report and former Music/Program Director of KFRC San Francisco; Guy Zapoleon, Senior VP with iHeartMedia; Jon Zellner, Senior VP Programming with iHeartMedia; Sean Ross, RossOnRadio Newsletter; Mike Huckabee, Fox News Host, former governor of Arkansas and former disc jockey; and Mike Martucci, former VP with Roulette Records.

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