Psychological Murder Mystery For Review

What Jennifer SawWhat Jennifer Saw
By Hal Schweig
Publisher: Black Rose Writing
ISBN: 978-1612962733
Genre: Mystery, Psychological Murder Mystery
Formats Available For Review: PDF

The moral decay festering beneath the golden surface of the most beloved family in the small town of Monroeville, Missouri, leads to murder.

The murder victim, Jim Harris, the head of the “golden” family, is a man without an enemy in the world. His murder was witnessed by his daughter, the title character, Jennifer, but she is suffering post traumatic stress disorder and cannot recall who did it. She is also found to be suffering Multiple Personality Disorder and is in danger of succumbing to madness or even death.

A maverick psychiatrist is brought in to treat her and he gambles everything on one high-risk roll of the dice to to cure her and discover the identity of the murderer.

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